New flags for sale

What does your flag say about you?

A flag flutters gently in a kindly wind. It sits, unassuming, just watching the world go quietly about its daily business. The flag is at peace with the world. Yet, when cruel winds blow, a flag stands to attention and puts its bravest face out to the world, ready to meet and deal with whatever…
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I need my flagpole fixed

Common causes of halyard fraying

Under normal use and non-emergency weather conditions, high quality flagpole halyard or pull rope shouldn’t fray for a long time. If flagpole rope starts to fray within the first year after installation, it’s important that you determine the precise reason to prevent breakage and flag damage: Mismatched rope: Generic, natural fiber rope frays faster than…
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Replace my American flag

Dangers of High-Winds and Improper Flagpole Installation

When installing a flagpole close to your home or business, it’s extremely important it is done correctly. One of the risks of improper installation can be high-winds knocking over the flagpole and causing major damage to your home, business, or vehicles. It’s always a good idea to have your flagpole installed by a professional who…
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