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The Stars and Stripes – but not forever?

It was Christmas Day 1896. John Philip Sousa was on an ocean liner returning from a vacation. Having learned of the sad death of his band manager, he composed a tribute march in his head, then wrote it down when he came ashore. In 1987, by an Act of Congress, this patriotic masterpiece – The…
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Which type of snap hook is best for my flag post?

Snap hooks, sometimes called flag clips, help attach a flag to the halyard. Selecting the right snap hook for your flag saves you both time and maintenance costs. Snap hooks come in three types of materials, nylon, brass, and stainless steel. Nylon snap hooks are usually the right choice for residential flag posts. This is…
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Landscaping ideas for your flag pole

If you have a flagpole in your yard, you may be wondering how it will add to the beauty of it. The good news is that there are ways to incorporate a flag pole into your landscaping. One idea is to surround the bottom of the pole with flowers that grow low to the ground.…
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