Need a new flag

Rust on your flagpole, we can help

Exposing any metal flagpole to extreme humidity or rain could cause it to rust. While most flagpoles come with an anti-corrosion finish to prevent rusting, the finish deteriorates with time, leaving the flagpole exposed. Therefore, it is recommended that flagpole owners regularly check their flagpoles for rust. Rust weakens the flagpole and reduces its ability…
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Flagpole repair services near me

Need a flagpole?

Have you thought it would be cool to have a flagpole to fly your flag, but you didn’t know where to get one? Give AC Flag & Banner call. With years of experience and skill, our technicians can install flagpoles up to 150 feet high. We can also help you with re-ropes, re-cables, flagpole relocation,…
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