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Taking care of your flag and flagpole

Flags say a lot about a commercial institution or residential land. A flagpole can be used for advertising as well as creating unity among individuals of an institution. However, flags and flagpoles require maintenance. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind to take proper care of your flag. Ensure the flag is completely…
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Flammable: keep flames away from your flag

The flag is a symbol of national pride and history. Whether you are sending up fireworks on the 4th of July or hosting a bonfire, it is important to keep your flag safe from fire. Flags burn quite easily. Most flags use either nylon or cotton, so if you wanted to make yours fireproof then…
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The Stars and Stripes – but not forever?

It was Christmas Day 1896. John Philip Sousa was on an ocean liner returning from a vacation. Having learned of the sad death of his band manager, he composed a tribute march in his head, then wrote it down when he came ashore. In 1987, by an Act of Congress, this patriotic masterpiece – The…
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Which type of snap hook is best for my flag post?

Snap hooks, sometimes called flag clips, help attach a flag to the halyard. Selecting the right snap hook for your flag saves you both time and maintenance costs. Snap hooks come in three types of materials, nylon, brass, and stainless steel. Nylon snap hooks are usually the right choice for residential flag posts. This is…
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Important factors to consider when choosing a flagpole

Are you planning to install a flagpole on your residential or commercial property? If yes, check out some of the essential factors to consider when choosing one below. Consider the material Flagpoles can be made of fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, among other materials. If you live in a windy location or near the ocean, then…
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How a flagpole adds to a commercial enterprise

Of course, the flagpole on its own doesn’t add a great deal! It’s what you display from it that can help mark out your business, factory, local government building, or medical facility. You might have our nation’s flag fluttering there each day. Alternatively, you might save it for, to quote an old English saying, ‘High…
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The best material for flags and flagpoles

If you are installing a flag or flagpole on your property, then one of your first concerns should be the material it is made out of. Flags are typically made of cotton, nylon, or polyester. Nylon is typically the most common type, but polyester is more durable if you are flying the flag upside down.…
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What does your flag say about you?

A flag flutters gently in a kindly wind. It sits, unassuming, just watching the world go quietly about its daily business. The flag is at peace with the world. Yet, when cruel winds blow, a flag stands to attention and puts its bravest face out to the world, ready to meet and deal with whatever…
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Common causes of halyard fraying

Under normal use and non-emergency weather conditions, high quality flagpole halyard or pull rope shouldn’t fray for a long time. If flagpole rope starts to fray within the first year after installation, it’s important that you determine the precise reason to prevent breakage and flag damage: Mismatched rope: Generic, natural fiber rope frays faster than…
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Dangers of High-Winds and Improper Flagpole Installation

When installing a flagpole close to your home or business, it’s extremely important it is done correctly. One of the risks of improper installation can be high-winds knocking over the flagpole and causing major damage to your home, business, or vehicles. It’s always a good idea to have your flagpole installed by a professional who…
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