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AC Flag & Banner in Denver recommends you choose a flagpole installation and other flagpole services company that is fully insured, well-trained and highly experienced.

If you need a flagpole, you need to go to AC Flag & Banner! And if you need a flagpole repaired, we can do that too! We are one of Colorado’s leading flagpole installation, service, and maintenance companies.

Our Denver flagpole company technicians can install flagpoles up to 150 feet up. If it’s a flagpole, we know how to install it and repair it. We also have a longtime relationship with our suppliers, which gives us the buying power to pass the savings on to you.

We have a variety of sizes and prices for flags and flag poles. You can definitely find the perfect one for your needs.

AC Flag & Banner suggests choosing the flagpole’s height based on the height of the building. For a one story building the flagpole should be 18-25 feet. For a two-story building the flagpole should be 25-30 feet. For a three-story building the flagpole should be 30-40 feet.

All in-ground outdoor flagpoles are made of either aluminum or fiberglass. There are some differences. An aluminum flagpole comes in larger sizes, different finishes, stronger than fiberglass and has sectional/telescoping flagpoles. A fiberglass flagpole is lightweight, handles the wind, and made of strong materials.

A flagpole installation may not be as complicated as it seems. Flagpoles come in many sizes, so you will want to choose the one that best fits the size of your building, the location, the use, and aesthetics. Make sure you review your choices so you can get the right flagpole for your needs.

As you decide the location of your flagpole, there are several things to consider, including, the underground and overhead lines, trees that will continue growing and interfere with your flag: and lighting and the need for electrical lines.

Sometimes your flagpole will need maintenance. Make sure your flagpole installation company will also come out and help you with routine maintenance and repair. From time-to-time flagpoles need to be repaired. That is not a task you can do yourself. Your flagpole installation company should be able to do those repairs, including replacing parts like the gold ball, eagle, truck assembly, cleat, and halyard. Many companies also replace broken flagpole shafts, straighten the poles if they are leaning, paint steel flagpoles, and clean the poles.

The flagpole installation company will begin by digging a hole, which will be decided by the of flagpole you have chosen. The hole is usually ten percent the length of the flagpole.

The company will insert a ground sleeve in the center of hole and pour in wet concrete around. Then the flagpole is inserted into the ground sleeve. They will pour dry sand into the ground sleeve to secure your flagpole.

Now your flagpole is ready for your flag.

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