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Who sells state flags

The height of commercial or civic pride

Many a company or organization flies the flag, be it representing our country or state, or equally their own specially created flag bearing name and logo. So, here’s a question: is the flagpole you are using really tall enough? Standing in front of it, outside your building, it can seem fine. But is it high…
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Replace my American flag

Choosing an outdoor flag material

If you are installing or replacing a flag outdoors on your residential or commercial flagpoles, which material would best meet your needs? Should you be looking for durability, and reduced wind resistance, then a 2-ply 100% Polyester flag might work best for you. If you are wanting a flag that flutters proudly in even the…
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Who installs flagpoles

Checking your flagpole

With fall soon approaching, followed by the wildness that can be a large part of a typical Coloradan winter, now is a vital time to give your flagpole a careful inspection. Whether on your own residential property or at a commercial location, you’ll want to make sure it is still standing strong and true –…
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Need to replace American Flag

Seeing the Light

You’ve decided to go through with it and have a flagpole installed on your property. Our team has come out and handled its installation and finalized the service. You clip Old Glory to the line and hoist her high. As the sun sets, another question arises. What should you do with the colors after dark?…
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want to buy american flag

Proper disposition of the flag

Americans are known for proudly flying the flag. The crisp star-spangled banner fluttering at the crest of a shiny flagpole inspires us. We also remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. But flags can wear out over time, and you may not realize there is a protocol for the proper disposition of…
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Who sells American made flags

True self-isolation: flagpole sitting!

We’re certainly not suggesting you ever try this! However, the idea of sitting perched atop a flagpole did catch the public’s attention around a century ago. A former sailor turned stuntman, Alvin ‘Shipwreck’ Kelly, had much to do with this, quite probably for promotional purposes, although it’s also claimed that a friend challenged him to…
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Need a new flag

Don’t make these flagpole installation mistakes

Whether you’re installing a flagpole for your home or commercial building, the right installation keeps it standing for a long period and prevents damage to structures and landscaping. Unfortunately, many people assume flagpole installation is easy, causing them to make a lot of costly mistakes. Here are some common flagpole installation mistakes you should avoid.…
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Flagpole installer in Denver

Are you flying the flag for your business?

If not, then it’s something well worth thinking about. People recognize businesses from their logo, so why not make it increasingly visible by adding it as a flag beside the entrance – or elsewhere – on your premises. A flag adds the benefit of motion; a storefront sign never moves, yet a flag, fluttering in…
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Flagpole repair services near me

Do you want to relocate your flagpole?

Perhaps it was originally placed in what seemed the ideal position on your property. Yet, as time passes, this might not continue to be the case. Perhaps you are considering a new landscape design for your garden. Maybe you’re keen to use the area where your flagpole is currently placed for different activities. It may…
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Who sells American made flags

How to wash a dirty flag

While flying your flags on residential or commercial flagpoles can fill you with pride, a dirty or tired-looking flag can have the opposite effect. Inclement weather, car fumes and general wear-and-tear can cause your flag to look a little worn, but this is easily rectified. Flags are washable with warm water and a mild detergent…
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I need to buy an American flag

How to reduce flag fraying and wraparound

Flagpole owners can’t escape the elements or time. Sunlight and moisture often cause microscopic fiber deterioration. Wind not only tears at a flag but also makes it repeatedly thwap against the hard flagpole surface, which further breaks fibers. Of course, wind also often causes a flag to become tangled around its pole. How can you…
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I need my flagpole fixed

Important flagpole ownership safety tips

Many people believe that security isn’t of much importance with a flagpole. Yet, accidents flagpole accidents can happen that cause injury and property damage. Additionally, flag thieves exist. Choose a location carefully. Never install a flagpole near anything that might knock it down during a storm, such as a tree or utility pole, or where…
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