Who installs flagpoles

How high do you wish to fly your flag?

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Whether for a commercial or residential installation, our team can provide flagpoles up to 150 feet in height. So, exactly how high is that? Well, just for a bit of fun, here are a couple of comparisons…

  • Lay the pole on the ground and it would take Usain Bolt around 4-5 seconds to run along its length (probably quite a bit longer if he had to climb it)
  • It’s the equivalent of laying over three of the largest-ever recorded Tyrannosaurus rex specimens’ nose-to-tail

Either way, the point is that we know that raising a flag is a substantial statement to make of your pride in your country, state, or commercial business. As for the height you choose for your flagpole, that can depend on location and many other factors. Simplest action to take chat through what you want with our expert Budget Flagpole installation team…

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