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How to reduce flag fraying and wraparound

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Flagpole owners can’t escape the elements or time. Sunlight and moisture often cause microscopic fiber deterioration. Wind not only tears at a flag but also makes it repeatedly thwap against the hard flagpole surface, which further breaks fibers. Of course, wind also often causes a flag to become tangled around its pole.

How can you reduce these problems?

  • Attach one end of a “non-tangle” rod to the flag mounting hardware at the pole and the other end via a clip to the bottom of the flag.
  • Choose a flag that’s made of a durable, weather-resistant, heavy material that both reduces fiber deterioration and makes it harder for the wind to move the flag in a wraparound fashion.
  • Install your flagpole near a windbreak that limits the flag’s exposure to the wind from at least one side, such as a hill, line of trees, tall wall or outbuilding.
  • Invest in a spinning flag mounting kit or a half- or full-spin flagpole that allows the flag to rotate in any direction with ease.

At Budget Flagpole, our team tries to provide our Denver clients with information and support that makes it possible for their flagpoles and flags to survive the elements for a long time. We’re one of the leading experts for residential and commercial flagpoles in the region. For more information, call today.

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