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Important factors to consider when choosing a flagpole

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Are you planning to install a flagpole on your residential or commercial property? If yes, check out some of the essential factors to consider when choosing one below.

Consider the material

Flagpoles can be made of fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, among other materials. If you live in a windy location or near the ocean, then you should choose a flagpole made of fiberglass because they are sturdy and can withstand strong winds. On the other hand, if you are planning to install a flagpole that is taller than 80 meters, then you should choose one that is made of steel.

Consider its function

The exact function of the flagpole should also influence your choice. If you are planning to install the flagpole at a commercial property, then you need to choose one that is tall and sturdy, with a unique design and finish to capture people’s attention.

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