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Make your small business stand out with a flagpole

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The pandemic has disrupted a lot of brick-and-mortar business traffic. Small businesses have been among the hardest hit by social distancing rules and stay-at-home orders. If your brick-and-mortar site is near a sidewalk or road that people still frequent, let members of your target market know that you’re still open for business offline and online with a flagpole.

How can a flagpole help?

  1. A brightly colored flag emblazoned with your logo and business name is sure to draw immediate attention.
  2. A flag with an attractive message also creates interest. For example, you might use a common “OPEN FOR BUSINESS!” statement followed with “ONLINE” or your website’s URL.
  3. Multiple flagpoles can increase engagement with pedestrians and drivers. For example, you might install three flagpoles in a row along a traffic spot and hang flags that feature a series of attractive messages.

At Budget Flagpole, we understand that small business owners in Denver and the surrounding areas are trying to find whatever means possible to remind consumers that their products and services are still available during the pandemic. As our name guarantees, we offer budget-friendly flagpole installation and related services. Call today for more information.

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