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Important flagpole ownership safety tips

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Many people believe that security isn’t of much importance with a flagpole. Yet, accidents flagpole accidents can happen that cause injury and property damage. Additionally, flag thieves exist.

  • Choose a location carefully. Never install a flagpole near anything that might knock it down during a storm, such as a tree or utility pole, or where it might cause damage if it falls, such as near a parking spot or home. Also, never place it under electrical lines that could fall and spark against it or burn the flag.
  • Use caution if digging a pole hole. If you decide to dig the hole yourself, watch out for underground electrical and cable lines and water and waste pipes to prevent injury, disruption of phone/internet services and flooding, respectively.
  • Install a halyard cover or cleat lock box to prevent flag theft. There are several styles of permanent covers and key lock boxes on the market that attach securely to a flagpole so that a thief can’t bring down and steal your flag.

At Budget Flagpole, we want our residential and commercial clients throughout the Denver metro area to experience safe ownership of their flagpoles. We not only provide flagpole installation and repair services, but also general guidance. For more information, contact us today.

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