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The Stars and Stripes – but not forever?

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It was Christmas Day 1896. John Philip Sousa was on an ocean liner returning from a vacation. Having learned of the sad death of his band manager, he composed a tribute march in his head, then wrote it down when he came ashore. In 1987, by an Act of Congress, this patriotic masterpiece – The Stars and Stripes Forever – became our country’s official national march.

We Americans are rightly proud of our flag and display it, inside or outside our home, on special occasions or just forever. But, as the years pass, it might begin to look just a little frail.

If you feel it’s time to invest in a proud new flag, then you’ll find many size choices, for indoors or outside, online here at Budget Flagpole (a division of AC Flag & Banner). Of course, we also provide commercial or residential flagpole installation and repair services too…

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